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  • Lee Jae Sung’s Back! Jeonbuk 0 - 0 Ulsan
    관리자  |  189  |  2016-01-01

    Lee Jae Sung returned to his club, Jeonbuk, from injury. Jeonbuk had a Hyundai derby against Ulsan Hyundai and they could not have a clear winner.


    Jeonbuk played a match, KEB Hana Bank K-League Classic 2017 R11, in Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium on the 14th, and Jeonbuk and Ulsan tied at 0 to 0. They became the 1st place with 21 points, and Jeju with 20 points took the 2nd place. Ulsan went down to the 4th place with 18 points.


    The head coach Choi Kang Hee operated the 4-1-4-1 formation. Kim Shin Wook was at the front line, and Lee Seung Ki and Eder supported him on the both sides. Kim Bo Kyung and Jung Hyuk played as midfielders. One defensive midfielder was Shin Hyung Min, the flat back 4 consisted of Kim Jin Su, Kim Min Jae, Lee Jae Sung, and Choi Chul Soon, and the goalie was Hong Jeong Nam.


    Kim Do Hoon, Head Coach of Ulsan, also took the 4-1-4-1 formation. Lee Jong Ho was on the offensive against his old club, and Orsic, Park Yong Woo, Han Sang Wun, and Kim Seung Joon played as second line strikers. Jeong Jae Yong became a barrier, and the flat back 4 consisted of Lee Myung Jae, Kang Min Soo, Richard, and Kim Chang Soo. The goalie was Kim Yong Dae.


    Ulsan started to dominate the field, and Orsic’s right-footed shooting was blocked by the goalie in the 5th minute. 7 minutes later, Lee Jong Ho put a mid-range shooting, and a defender stopped it. Then, Kim Seung Joon’s shot slightly missed the goal.


    Jeonbuk staged a fierce rally in the 24th minute. Kim Bo Kyung fired a left-footed shooting off Eder’s pass. Ulsan also kept attacking. Park Yong Woo put a mid-range shooting and it flew over the crossbar in the 39th minute. 3 minutes later, Lee Seung Ki of Jeonbuk created a chance in the box, but the kicker Kim Shin Wook’s shot missed the goal. Park Yong Woo of Ulsan fired a mid-range shot in the 44th minute, and it ran past the goal. The 1st half ended scoreless.


    Ulsan replaced Lee Jong Ho by Kim In Seong to change the formation, and Kim Seung Joon played up front. Jeonbuk engaged in a counterattack, and Eder was replaced with Lee Jae Sung in the 15th minute. Orsic of Ulsan faced the goalie in the 23rd minute, but his shooting missed the goal.


    Jeonbuk showed their hidden claw in the 25th minute, and put Lee Dong Gook into the field to change the existing formation to the 4-4-2 formation. 5 minutes later, Jung Hyuk fired a shot off Lee Dong Gook’s pass. Lee Dong Gook’s aim was off for several times, so he could not win a goal.


    Jeonbuk replaced Lee Seung Ki by Go Moo Yol, and Ulsan replaced Orsic and Han Sang Wun by Kovacec and Lee Young Jae. However, the match finished a 0 to 0 tie.

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