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  • Jeonbuk Got Out Of Losing Streak With 2-0 Victory Against Daegu
    관리자  |  189  |  2016-01-01

    Jeonbuk got out of a losing streak thanks to Lion King Lee Dong Gook.


    Jeonbuk Hyundai had a match, K-League Classic 2017 R10, against Daegu FC in Daegu Stadium on the 6th. and each Lee Dong Gook and Kim Shin Wook won a goal so that the club won a 2 to 0 victory. They won 3 points, and kept the 2nd place with a record of 6 wins, 2 draws, 2 defeats and 20 points.


    Jeonbuk took the 4-1-4-1 formation and Lee Dong Gook played up front, and Go Moo Yol, Kim Bo Kyung, Jung Hyuk and Eder took on the midfield. The flat back 4 consisted of Kim Jin Su, Lim Jong Eun, Lee Jae Sung and Choi Chul Soon, and the goalie was Hwang Byeong Geun.


    Meanwhile, Daegu faced Jeonbuk with defensive strategies. The offense was made up of Kim Dae Won, Evandro, and Leo. Oh Kwang Jin, Woo Sang Ho, Ryu Jae Moon, and Jeong Woo Jae played in the midfield, the flat back 3 was formed by Kim Dong Jin, Han Hee Hoon, and Kim Jin Hyuk, and the goalie was Cho Hyun Woo.


    Jeonbuk kept launching attacks to open the scoring as the head coach Choi Kang Hee forewarned, but Daegu stopped the attacks with the strategies. Daegu replaced Evandro who got unexpectedly injured by Kim Kyung Joon in the 21st minute. Jeonbuk could not penetrated the enemy lines because their passes were roughly finished as they got impatient.


    Daegu was looking for a chance of reversal. Leo broke through and Jeonbuk allowed him to get a free kick. Then, Jung Hyuk of Jeonbuk tried a sharp right-footed shooting for the extra time but the goalie Cho Hyun Woo made a good save.


    As the 2nd half began, Jeonbuk opened the scoring! They got a free kick in the 5th minute, launched an attack before Daegu lined up for it, and got a penalty kick. The kicker Lee Dong Gook’s shooting shook the net. After the goal, they replaced Go Moo Yol and Jung Hyuk by Lee Seung Ki and Kim Shin Wook to show their will to be more offensive. Lee Dong Gook and Kim Shin Wook showed their best play. In the 28th minute, Lee Dong Gook was replaced by Edu. After the replacement, Kim Shin Wook and Edu harassed the enemy, and Lee Seung Ki also assisted them.


    Daegu created a decisive chance in front of the goal in the 37th minute, but failed to win a goal for lack of concentration. Shin Hyung Min made a good save. Jeonbuk took the aggressive and Kim Shin Wook succeeded to win the 2nd goal in the 43rd minute. The match ended in 2 to 0.

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