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  • Marcelo’s 2 Goals, Jeju Crushed Jeonbuk 4-0
    관리자  |  189  |  2016-01-01

    Jeju took the 1st place of K-League Classic 2017 thanks to Marcelo’s 2 goals.


    Jeonbuk Hyundai had a match, K-League Classic 2017 R9, against Jeju in Jeonju Spoorts Complex on the 3rd, and suffered a shocking 4 to 0 defeat. Jeonbuk and Jeju tied on winning rate, but Jeju took the 1st place with 17 points.


    The head coach Choi Kang Hee was anxious that Jeonbuk had a difficulty lining up for the injured and the players with yellow card, and he decided to use the 3-4-1-2 formation. Edu and Kim Shin Wook played up front, and Kim Bo Kyung added support. Park Won Jae, Shin Hyung Min, Jung Hyuk, and Kim Min Jae had s straight fight in the midfield. Lim Jong Eun, Lee Jae Sung, and Cho Sung Hwan composed the flat back 3.


    Meanwhile, the defence of Jeju was stabilized with the flat back 3, Oh Ban Suk, Cho Yong Hyung, and Gwon Han Jin, and they also took the 3-4-1-2 formation. Jeju put Hwang Il Su and Magno in the front line, and skillful Marcelo in the second line. Jeong Woon, Kwon Soon Hyung, Lee Chang Min, and Park Jin Po played as midfielders, and the goalie was Kim Ho Jun.


    Jeju opened the scoring. Hwang Il Su got a pass from Marcelo and tried a shooting near the arc in the 12th minute. The goalie Hwang Jeong Nam could not make a good save, and Marcelo fired a shooting and shook the net.


    After Jeonbuk suddenly allowed the opening goal, they kept working on attacking. Edu and Kim Shin Wook passed the ball to each other, but the defence of Jeju stopped their forward passes. When one of them got the ball, a defender instantly block his attempt. Jeju staged a fierce rally. Marcelo and Magno tried, but their shots were roughly finished. The 1st half ended in 1 to 0.


    As the 2nd half began, Jeju succeeded to add a goal. Marcelo got Kwon Soon Hyung’s free kick in the 3rd minute, and headed the ball into the net after the goalie Hong Jeong Nam left the goal line. It became 2 to 0, and soon it turned into 3 to 0. Magno penetrated the territory and fired a shooting in front of the arc in the 8th minute.


    Jeonbuk made replacements in the 15th minute. Exhausted Edu and Kim Shin Wook were replaced by Lee Seung Ki and Lee Dong Gook. Soon, Jung Hyuk won a goal, but the referee called a handball foul.


    Jeju put Jin Seong Uk and Mendy into the field in the 22nd and 26th minutes to reinforce the offense, and the other players needed new change. Attacks of Jeonbuk were not smooth, the strikers threw themselves to win a goal, but no one could.


    Hwang Il Su passed the ball to Mendy, and Mendy succeeded their 4th goal in the 30th minute. Eventually, Jeju won a complete 4 to 0 victory.

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