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  • Jeonbuk Hyundai had the final match of K-League Classic 2017 against Suwon Samsung in Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 19th, and lost by a score of 2 to 3. The number of Lee Dong Gook’s goals had reached double digits 9 seasons in a row. But Jeonbuk allowed the enemy to win a goal, winning goal, in the 36th minute of second half.Jeonbuk deployed the best striker duo Lee Dong Gook and Edu up front so that they made a clean finish. Lee Jae Sung, Jung Hyuk, Han Kyo Won, and Jang Yun Ho played as mid-fielder, and they built a stable defensive wall. They started to dominate the field, but Suwon was the one who opened the scoring. Suwon got a free kick for Jeonbuk’s foul, the kicker Yeom Gi Hun fired a left-footed shooting, and the score became 0 to 1.Jeonbuk counterattacked and soon won an equalizer. MVP nominee Lee Jae Sung broke through the left side and Edu fired a right-footed shot. However, they missed a golden chance. Kim Jin Su tripped over a defender’s arm trying to break through the enemy line. The referee did not take action. Before the whistle, Jeonbuk change the atmosphere. Lee Dong Gook showed a mighty shooting near the end line off a cross from Choi Chul Soon in the 41st minute. The second half began. Jeonbuk got more aggressive, and strived for the next goal. The head chach Choi Kang Hee showed his will to strengthen the defense replacing injured Han Kyo Won by Shin Hyung Min in the 13th minute. While they were tussling, Jonathan of Suwon pushed Choi Bo Kyoung and the VAR called it a foul. Jeonbuk replaced Edu by Kim Shin Wook in the 27th minute. The match was the last match for Edu in Jeonbuk and he received warm applause. And Lee Dong Gook was replaced by Lopes to launch more attacks. Suwon put Santos into the field to win a goal, and in the 33rd minute, the replacement worked. He was offside when he scored, but the VAR overturned it to a goal. The score became 2 to 2. Then, Suwon turned the table again. Santos put a sudden mid-range shooting in front of the arc in the 36th minute, and finally, Suwon won by a goal.
    2017-11-28 | 조회수:357
    Jeonbuk stopped Ulsan who had a long way to go thanks to Lee Dong Gook’s 201st goal.  Jeonbuk Hyundai had a match, K-League Classic 2017 R37, against Ulsan Hyundai in Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium on the 5th, earned a 2 to 1 victory, won 3 successive matches adding 3 points.Even though they had the final match of FA Cup left, this one was their last home match. So Home team Ulsan directed their whole strength. The head coach Kim Do Hoon said “The players are fully aware of the impotance of the match, and also well prepared. Jeonbuk already won the Championship, but we are going to win the victory today.”Suboti? played up front, and Kim In Seong, Lee Young Jae, Kim Sung Hwan, and Cho Young Cheol supported him. Ulsan showed their will to be offensive for the 1st half, and put Orsic, and Lee Jong Ho into the field later for the 2nd half.It was certain that Jeonbuk won the Championship, but they put all the efforts. Their key players, such as Kim Shin Wook, Lopes, Lee Jae Sung, and Jang Yun Ho, formed the starting lineup, also, the existing defense played the match. As the 1st half began, Jeonbuk and Ulsan were engaged in a fierce battle in the mid-field. They tried to dominate the field and open the scoring, but no one had a shot on target. Kim Shin Wook’s header in the 15th minute flew toward the goalie. Lopes and Lee Jae Sung increased their ball possession, and it put pressure on the enemy. Choi Bo Kyung headed Lee Jae Sung’s free kick in the 18th minute, but it just hit the goal. A minute later, Jang Yun Ho got a pass from Go Moo Yol, faced the goalie, but could not won a goal.Cho Young Cheol showed 2 shootings before the final whistle of 1st half, and the 1st half ended in scoreless. Ulsan was the one who actively played and tried more shootings relatively, however, Jeonbuk opened the scoring. Jang Yun Ho got a pass from Go Moo Yol and changed its direction toward the goal. Lee Jae Sung fired a left-footed shot and it shook the net in the 10th minute. Go Moo Yol who started the goal was replaced by Lee Dong Gook who recently had won his 200th goal. Lee Dong Gook and Kim Shin Wook launched furious attacks, Ulsan replaced Lee Ji Hoon by Jung Dong Ho in the 16th minute. And Cho Young Cheol and Suboti? were replaced with Lee Jong Ho and Orsic in the 22nd minute. The replacements meant tactical changes to win a victory. They focused on pulling one back. Lee Young Jae fired a mighty shooting in front of the arc, the goalie Hwang Byoung Keun could not catch it, and Lee Jong Ho tried succeeded to win a goal off the fallen ball in the 30th minute. The score became 1 to 1.The spirit did not last long. Lee Dong Gook threw himself and won an additional goal with a cross from Lee Jae Sung in the 33rd minute. Ulsan kept launching repeated attacks, but the match ended in a victory for Jeonbuk.
    2017-11-28 | 조회수:313
    Lion King Lee Dong Gook won the 200th goal and Jeonbuk had won the 5th championship trophy in the K-League.Led by Choi Kang Hee, Jeonbuk Hyundai had a match of split A, K-League Classic 2017 R36, against Jeju United, and won a complete victory by 3 to nothing. They had a record of 21 wins, 9 draws, 6 defeats, and 72 points with the victory, and locked up the 1st place no matter how many matches left. It was the 5th followed by 2009, 2011, 2014, and 2015. Also, Lee Dong Gook succeeded to win his 200th goal off Lopes’ assist in the 33rd minute. Jeonbuk used the 3-5-2 formation. Lopes and Kim Shin Wook played up front, and Lee Jae Sung and Lee Seung Ki backed them up. Kim Jin Su and Han Kyo Won played in the flanks, and Shin Hyung Min played as a mid-fielder. Lim Jong Eun, Choi Bo Kyung, and Choi Chul Soon formed the defense, and Hwang Byoung Keun was the goalie.The defense of Jeju was the most stable for this season, and they took the same formation as Jeonbuk. Cho Yong Hyung played as a center back, and Oh Ban Suk and Kim Won Il formed the flat back 3. Jeong Woon, Kwon Soon Hyung, Yoon Bitgaram, and Park Jin Po were mid-fielders. Lee Eun Bum and Jin Seong Uk played up front, and Lee Chang Min supported them. As the 1st half began, Kwon Soon Hyung got injured. Jeonbuk never slipped the chance away. Kim Shin Wook threatened the defense with a right-footed shooting. Jeonbuk kept dominating the field, and especially, speedy players such as Lopes, Lee Jae Sung, and Lee Seung Ki broke through the enemy line.Unexpectedly, Jeju had to replace Lee Eun Bum by Magno in the 30th minute for his injury, and got 2 yellow cards during the 1st half for blocking counterattacks. They created a golden chance right in front of the goal in the last minute, but could not score.Jeonbuk opened the scoring in the 2nd minute of 2nd half. Lee Jae Sung fired a left-footed shooting off Kim Shin Wook’s header. Their attacks made the burden too heavy for Jeju. What was worse, Park Jin Po was ousted from the field for warnings accumulated in the 14th minute, so they became inferior numerically. Jeju replaced Kim Won Il by Bae Jae Woo in the 18th minute to counterattack, but none of them produced any chance.Jeonbuk replaced Han Kyo Won by Lee Dong Gook in the 17th minute to be more aggressive, and Lee Dong Gook played actively to win his 200th goal in K-League. Kim Shin Wook and Lee Seung Ki broke through the enemy line, and Lee Seung Ki fired a left-footed shooting with Lee Dong Gook’s assist in the 21st minute.There was nothing to block Jeonbuk! Edu and Eder were put into the field, and Lee Dong Gook successfully won his 200th goal. Lee Dong Gook got the ball from Lopes and headed it into the net in the 33rd minute. Jeju seemed to give up the chase. It was a clear-cut victory, and ensured their 5th K-League championship.
    2017-10-31 | 조회수:422
    Lee Jae Sung provided a hat trick assist, in a 4-0 win over Gangwon FC, and got a ticket for ACL.Jeonbuk Hyundai had a match of split group A, K-League Classic 2017 R35, in Chuncheon Songam Stadium on the 22nd, and won a 4 to 0 victory. They achieved a ticket for ACL maintaining the 1st place with 69 points. The formation they used on the day was the 4-1-4-1 formation. Edu was deployed to the front line. Lopes, Lee Jae Sung, Lee Seung Ki, and Han Kyo Won supported them. Shin Hyung Min played as mid-fielder before the flat back 4. Kim Jin Su, Choi Bo Kyung, Lim Jong Eun, and Choi Chul Soon took on the defense. The goalie was Hwang Byoung Keun.Jeonbuk got the start on the enemy opening the scoring. Lee Jae Sung was the kicker of a free kick near the right corner of the arc, Lopes changed its direction and it shook the net in the 6th minute. It was windy, so the ball could bend in flight. After the opening goal, Gangwon created several chances, but did not succeeded to win an equalizer. There was a boring offensive and defensive battle in the mid-field. Edu of Jeonbuk and Jeoung Jo Kuk of Gangwon each had a chance. Even though Gangwon failed to win a goal, Gangwon and Jeonbuk were evenly matched in the mid-field. Oh Beom Seok actively engaged in a fierce battle. Especially, Jeonbuk suffered because of the wind. A goal kick could not flew over the half-way line.Oh Beom Seok got a penalty kick in the 35th minute, but the VAR disallowed the goal because Oh Beom Seok stepped on Choi Chul Soon’s foot.Jeonbuk won an additional goal in the 11th minute. Lee Jae Sung and Lee Seung Ki penetrated into the enemy territory passing the ball to each other, and Lee Seung Ki shook the net with a left-footed shooting. Jeonbuk became 2 steps ahead.Nothing to hold them back. Even though Jeonbuk got exhausted for blocking counterattacks, Edu succeeded to add a goal. He got a pass from Lee Jae Sung, and fired a turning goal in front of the arc in the 25th minute. Lee Jae Sung scored a hat trick assist. Also, Lee Dong Gook won the 4th goal for the extra time. Jeonbuk is advancing to ACL in 2 years.
    2017-10-31 | 조회수:290
    Jeonbuk had the 1st match of split group A with overwhelming Dakgong-shut up and attack, and it resulted in a 0 to 0 tie. Jeonbuk Hyundai played a match, K-League Classic 2017 R34, against FC Seoul in Jeonju World Cup Stadium on the 15th. With the result, Jeonbuk kept the 1st place adding 1 point, and had a record of 19 wins, 9 draws, 6 defeats, and 66 points. The strongest Jeonbuk and the allied force FC Seoul got aggressive and launched flank attacks for winning a victory. FC Seoul pursued frontal confrontations. Osmar penetrated into the enemy territory to create a chance. Lee Myung Joo and Yun Il Lok launched speedy attacks. Jeonbuk put up Kim Shin Wook who was selected for the starting lineup after a long interval. Eder and Lopes were also on the offensive. Lee Jae Sung showed a header off a cross from Eder in the 12th minute, and it slightly missed the goal. FC Seoul fired a free kick in the 16th minute, Yun Il Lok produced a chance near the goal, but the goalie Hwang Byoung Keun made a good save. Kim Shin Wook matched his strength against the defense of FC Seoul so that Jeonbuk increased the ball share and started attacks. From the beginning of 2nd half, Jeonbuk got offensive. Kim Shin Wook kept creating chances for his team mates. In the 2nd minute, Lopes tried a sharp left-footed shooting in front of the arc. The defense of FC Seoul stopped the attacks. The players of Jeonbuk could broke through the enemy line, but never could not open the scoring. FC Seoul also never fought back. Jeonbuk made the 1st replacement, Eder by Lee Dong Gook, in the 14th minute to be more offensive. FC Seoul replaced Yun Il Lok by Kim Han Gil to strengthen the flanks in the 19 minute, and then, put Dejan into the field in the 30th minute to be ready to counterattack. Lee Seung Ki and Lee Jae Sung fired shootings and they threatened FC Seoul. Jeonbuk put Edu and Han Kyo Won into the field in the 36th minute, and they focused on the offense. Edu and Lopes broke through the enemy line and it was very threatening. Right before the last whistle, FC Seoul got a free kick near the arc, but they blew the chance. Edu fell down for a defender during a counterattack, but the referee did not give a yellow card. Eventually, the match ended in a 0 to 0 tie.
    2017-10-18 | 조회수:261
    Kim Jin Su won a golden winning goal getting 3 points. Jeonbuk Hyundai had a match of K-League Classic 2017 R33 against Jeju United in Jeju World Cup Stadium on the 9th, and won 1 to 0 thanks to Kim Jin Su’s winning goal at the last moment. They are entering the split round with a record of 19 wins, 8 draws, 6 defeats, and 65 points, meanwhile, the 2nd place Jeje has 59 points. Also, head coach Choi Kang Hee became the 3rd of K-League to reach the level of 200 wins. Jeonbuk was ready for the showdown with 6 points using the flat back 3 strategy and changed offense. Lopes and Lee Dong Gook played up front, and Lee Seung Ki supported them. Park Won Jae, Lee Jae Sung, Shin Hyung Min, and Choi Chul Soon played in the midfield. Lee Jae Sung, Choi Bo Kyung, and Lim Jong Eun formed the flat back 3, and the goalie was Hwang Byoung Keun. From the beginning, Jeonbuk showed aggressive play to keep the point gap. Lee Dong Gook, Lopes, and Lee Seung Ki were outstanding to harrass the enemy. Jeju steadily increased the ball share, but they never produced any chances for Jeonbuk’s airtight defense. Jeonbuk put pressure on Jeju and their stable play got fierce. As the 2nd half began, Jeju replaced Moon Sang Yun with Ryu Seung Woo. Jeonbuk also replaced Lee Dong Gook who had done his job by Eduin the 14th minute. The 2 clubs were evenly matched, but Jeju still could not create any chances. Jeju put Jin Seong Uk in the 23rd minute. In the 32nd minute, Jeonbuk replaced Park Won Jae and Lee Seung Ki by Kim Jin Su and Kim Shin Wook to show their will to win a victory. Lopes of Jeonbuk broke through the defense, Edu showed a sharp shooting in front of the goal, and Kim Shin Wook threatened the defense through post play. Kim Jin Su fired a sharp shooting near the arc in the 43rd minute, and the goalie made a save. Soon, he tried another shooting, and it hit the net. The score became 1 to 0. 5 minutes were provided for the extra time. Jeonbuk blocked Jeju’s series of attacks, and finally, won a victory. The head coach Choi Kang Hee won his 200th win!  
    2017-10-18 | 조회수:242














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