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    Voted as Korea’s most beautiful stadium by Korean soccer fans, Jeonju World Cup Stadium is designed from an inspiration from Hapjukseon (a fan with ribs made of double strips of bamboo and traditional mulberry paper for which Jeonju is famous) and Sotdae, wooden guardian pole traditionally erected at the entrance of a village or a house.
    The stadium structure beautifully expresses senreneness from the city’s long artistic tradition in harmony with its vibrancy towards the 21st century.
    The three primary colors used for the stadium symbolize the Jeonju’s pleasant living environment (blue), passion of the citizens of Jeollabuk-do (red) and their eager desire for peace and properity (yellow).
    Address 763-1 Jangdong, Yeongui-dong and Banwol-dong, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si
    (at the vicinity of the Jeonju IC)
    Site Area 562,929㎡
    Building Area 52,249㎡
    Size 6 stories above ground and 1floor beneath ground level
    Seat Capacity 42,477 seats
    Parking capacity 4,008 vehicles
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    전주 월드컵경기장

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