To our passionate and supportive fans!

The year of 2014 was incredible. With our title in the 2014 K League Classic and celebrating the 20th anniversary of Jeonbuk, we obtained the third star on our chest. This was possible through the everlasting love and support shown by Jeonbuk fans.
Further, we wrote history as the first K League team to participate six consecutive AFC Champions League, becoming one of the representative teams of K League. This year, we will again challenge conquering Asia.
Last season, our driving force for title was 30 percent increase (13,000 average/in 2014) in our home attendances. The enthusiasm and vocal support of the fans provided an impetus for victory on both the players and the front office.
With the state of the art clubhouse, various local marketing campaigns, youth program that foster global talents, etc., we are building solid foundation to become one of the world’s top clubs. Starting with this basis we endeavor to take a further leap to become one of the world’s top clubs.
We have built a player-centered clubhouse the likes of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and we will make it the pride of Jeonbuk.
And we will communicate with the fans and continue to unfold our aggressive marketing strategies in order to create further touching stories.
We will also expand our CSR activities, which have contributed to the local community, such as our invitations to lower-income families, multicultural families, and students living in isolated areas around Jeollabuk-do. We will try our best to be the lovable team as we have marketed ourselves towards our fans.
In the 2015 season we will also continue our project of raising global talents. And we will expand the classes for the children of Jeollabuk-do so that they feel joy and happiness through football. With this we will make Jeollabuk-do, as the mecca of Korean football.
In the 2015 season Jeonbuk FC hope to have the average home attendance of 20,000, so to our fans, we ask for your participation visiting the stadium more than once a year (the “1 & 1 movement”) and for your participation in our Green T-Shirt campaign as well.
And now, please give us support so that we can again become the champions that everyone hoped for. And help us widen the channels of communication with the fans through attractive and enjoyable football in Jeonju. In 2015, with our fans, we will fill Jeonju with passion and joy.
Thank you!

Jeonbuk Hyundai Motors FC co.,ltd
Representative Director